Artscale Space Marine Individuals

These three Artscale conversions were my first prototypes of non-Tactical Space Marines. I was keen to try out new things now that I felt able to make basic scaled up Space Marines. The Assault Marine was painted up to be an Emperor’s Spear just because I liked the colour scheme. Admittedly the painted battle damage was a bit sloppy but I was quite pleased with the model itself. Having previously made the trims to the shoulder pads from plastic card I decided to be a bit more adventurous and attempt them in Green Stuff. The jump pack was easier to do than the previous scaled up back packs. I essentially just removed the middle part from the jump pack and replaced it with a regular back pack with the vents trimmed off. This also added a slight slant to the engines on either side rather than being horizontal. You can see a Mini-Tutorial on Artscale Jump Packs here.


The Black Templar in Mark V armour was made very much like any other basic Artscale Space Marine but with lots of details added. The large rivets were made from Green Stuff, small balls pushed on approximately the right location and then trimmed and shaped into little domes. The smaller rivets were pre-made from Grandt Line rivets available from model railway suppliers. The mark V head on this model came from the missile launcher carrying Space Marine in the Assault on Black Reach box set.


Finally the Artscale Grey Knight (not quite finished in this pic) was done by converting a metal Grey Knight Terminator. The legs and forearms came from the Terminator but the rest of the body was made with plastic components (generic Space Marine) and two stripped down shoulder pads from the Plastic Terminator Box set (the ones with the =I= symbol on them.