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Artscale Mark V Tactical Squad (1)

Sorry no WIP pics for this squad, I was in such a rush to complete them I forgot all about it. This squad was done as part of a commission for a full army of Artscale Space Marines all in Mark V armour.

All the models are fully WYSIWYG, mounted on 40mm bases rather than my usual 30mm. Although these were quite difficult to make, I found myself wanting to keep them (I picture them as an Ultramarine honour guard, but that’s just me) which I think is a good thing for anyone working on commissions. Each model was made using the basic Artscale Tutorial with modifications to account for the details of Mark V power armour. I’ve also posted a Mini Tutorial on how to make Mark V helms here. All the models in the squad use the standard unconverted power armour marine arms. This is the only group of Artscale models I made that didn’t have modified arms. I found these to look satisfying enough but at the end of the day the perfectionist in me meant I would always scale up arms in future.

Note:some of the blank pads have a notch missing out of the front. I didn’t have any others spare at the time for their “squad photo”, but I replaced them later. The Mark V chests were made from assault squad torsos. Once some of the areas were filled in the straps became a cable like element perfect for Mark V armour.

The sergeant was made with a tiny rare earth magnet in the torso so that he could have an swappable arms, one with power fist and one with power sword.

Comms Specialist

Shown for size comparison.


June 19, 2009

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  • humbrade

    Just wondering, what arms were used on these guys? They look like regular arms but fit well. Are they the Terminator arms like in the Art Scale Marine Guide? Am I just going mad? lol.

    • humbrade

      By the way, I just noticed the bottom of the boot on the crouching guy. That is fantastic…