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Artscale Errant Armour

This mini was made as the prize for the winner of my “name the website” competition that I ran over on Warseer.

He requested a marine in Mark VIII armour carrying a thunder hammer. Originally I was going to make a flying through the air pose with his thunder hammer held two-handed ready to strike, but after putting together the  initial pieces the model looked too OTT. I often find this to be the case with action poses, they often lack a sense of realism. This can be especially true when the model lacks elements that can be used to show movement like flowing cloth for example.

Originally I tried to pose the arms like the 2008 Games Day Space Marine with thunder hammer. In the end though the pose just didn’t work with his stance so I altered it. Positioning arms can be incredibly difficult to do when both arms are holding the same weapon. To make the Mark VIII I used this image as my main guideline.

I normally attach a model’s head last as I always feel the direction it’s looking has the most overall effect on its pose. In this case (because of the gorget on the Errant design) the helmet would not sit comfortably in any other position without looking odd. I also had to trim down the helm to make it fit. The greenstuff on the helm is to try and represent the “sharper” look of the helm in the illustration, and deviate slightly from the mark 7 design.

I decided to bulk up the greaves after adding the circular joint protecting the ankle. Whilst the plastic terminator legs work wonderfully for scaled up Space Marines I sometimes prefer to add a bit more size to them. The knee pads were made to be slightly pointed and I decided to sculpt a new set of chunkier straps across the chest rather than use the standard component. I made the Thunder Hammer by modifying the plastic one to look more like the GD Space Marine version. The simple inclusion of an Imperial Eagle on either side and a little Green Stuff is enough to make it non-standard.

I decided to resculpt both hands so they’d look similar and because the standard right hand did look bizarrely small. They were perfect (this was one of my earlier artscale conversions) but they were passable.

Work in progress pics.

June 25, 2009

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  • humbrade

    That Games Day Space Marine link no longer works. Just so you know…

  • humbrade

    Love this mini by the way… Almost finished my second Art Scale marine, got slightly more adventurous with this one than my first one and think it’s turning out well. Takes a long time for me to do each one as I’m doing it after work and letting each layer of GS set overnight but having a lot of fun with it. Thanks for the ideas and guides, they’re all extremely useful.

    Got a question though. Down the line somewhere you started covering the front of the lower part of the legs in GS too. Was this to make the leg bigger or is it done really thin and just to get a better finish? Or is there some other reason behind it?

  • humbrade

    Also do you recommend GSing the groin area on all of the models as you started to do? And why?

    Sorry for all the questions, just want to learn to make these as good as I can and your without a doubt the best I’ve seen on the internet.

    • Thanks.

      You’re right to take your time with them and do them one section at a time, reduces the chance of accidentally damaging uncured Green Stuff. It also helps you to focus on a clean finish rather than rush to get it done but with imperfections.

      Regarding the Green Stuff questions, the groin is sometimes rescultped just because the extra mass on the thighs often makes it look out of proportion otherwise.

      With the front of the legs, it is often the case that I want to alter the shape slightly depending on what mark of armour it is. When I do this the layer of Green Stuff is usually quite thin. Sometimes it is also necessary to resculpt the front of the greaves because I’ve wanted to add knee pads to a pair of legs that didn’t have them originally, and there ends up being a bit of repair work.