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Artscale Vulkan He’stan

I used the official Vulkan miniature as the design base for this conversion but I want to re-pose it (as well as truescale it). I tried to give him the striding pose shown in the artwork in the codex but I wanted the arms posed differently because when arms are positioned across the chest to much of the model is obscured from view. Originally was going to use a Nemesis Force Weapon as the spear but it just looked like I couldn’t be bothered to do it right and had gone for the simplest option. We couldn’t be having any of that, so I went a different route.

The handle of the spear came from a thunder hammer (as did the attached hand) with the shaft made from plasticard rod. The spear tip came from the Assault on Black Reach Captain model (bought one specially). It’s a slightly different sword design that means the blade works brilliantly as a spear tip.

The guantlet was converted from a veteran powerfist, that was slightly smaller than the usual plastic power fists and on a scaled up model doesn’t look so much like one. Find a similar version done in plastic here.

The pose took a lot of fiddling to get right. You have to keep dry testing it until you find something that works. The cloak was the hardest part of the mini to create and  was a definitely learning experience. I’d recommend doing cloaks as a separate part of any model unless you want to make life harder than it should be. I built it up slowly, first the basic shape and try to get a smooth finish and then the scales where added literally one at a time (not something I’d recommend). I’ve tried to convey a sense of the wind blowing from behind him in the direction of his aim, hence the shape of the collar.

I decided to leave off the icon on the back pack, as it’s one of the elements of the official model I dislike.

Work in progress

Size comparison

July 9, 2009

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