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Artscale Mark V Tactical Squad (2)

This squad was done as part of a commission for a full army of Artscale Space Marines all in Mark V armour.

The client who commissioned this squad requested that they be striding forward. On the majority of the figures I’ve tried to position the legs into striding poses, or at least a little more dynamic than the usual generic Space Marine pose. The positioning of the arms and heads also play a large part on the dynamics of each figure. Note: half the shoulder pads are missing on the main pic because the client is providing his own.

The backpacks were made using a different technique than those on the previous squad. All the helmets were converted from a specific Mark VII helm with two breather pipes either side of the respirator. The helms had a bit of Green Stuff work done on them before studs were added. You can find a Mini-Tutorial on how to make these here.

Because I had a shortage of terminator legs with knee pads (that would need trimming down anyway) I opted to use the other kneepad-less terminator legs and carve a groove into them to form an appropriately sized knee pad. As per the clients orders the sergeant model has been given magnetized swappable arms, so he can be equipped with bolter/bolt pistol and power sword/fist.

Unlike the first squad these conversions are all kitted out with terminator arms rather than power armour arms. These are a better fit for scale but the alternative is to re-model the power armour arms (Mini-Tutorial here). Of all the models in the squad I’m particularly pleased with the Marine carrying a Multi-Melta (click here for all-round view).

Sergeant with swappable arms on both sides.

Click for all round view.

Work in Progress Pic

Work in Progress (the halfway mark)

Various size comparisons

July 31, 2009

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