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Blood Ravens – Vulkan He’stan

This particular character conversion was done for a client’s Blood Raven army. You can follow his immense Blood Raven Project Blog here. The conversion is mine but the paintjob is by the client and I think you’ll agree it’s top notch.

This particular Blood Raven character will count as Vulkan He’stan. Overall he came together really well in the end. I had to resculpt the cloak to get it right, and the addition of power cabling, studs and accessories has really helped complete the model. I left the pads and belt buckle plain, to allow for painted iconography of the client’s choice (personal heraldry I would assume, because he’s at least a Captain in rank).

I first converted a fist mounted weapon, but have since removed it to be done again, as I didn’t feel it was good enough. The cloak originally came from a Chaos Terminator Lord with lots of filling in to make it less raggedy. I really like the way the official Vulkan model’s cloak drapes over his shoulders and so replicated it here. The raven is just a fantasy bit I picked up from bitzbox.co.uk on a whim. The backpack has been converted from bits from a couple of thunder hammers.

Originally I had planned to have the entire backside of the cloak made from bird feathers, but due to the thickness of the cloak already I changed this to have just a few decorative feathers.The torso was based off of a Mark VIII chest with the eagle detail (behind the head) taken from the Assault on Black Reach captain model. The legs came from a veteran model and the tip of his spear from a White Scars biker sword. The flamer gauntlet is simply a converted power fist, stripped down and re-modelled.

Work in Progress pics

August 10, 2009

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  • Erich1234562002

    If you dont mind where did the back of the spear come from? the staff part.

    • It’s from the standard Vulkan model, with a few trimmings removed.

  • Erich1234562002

    getting bits together to start a blood raven squad hope you dont mind but I am gonna base them around your modle here at least as close as I can come!

  • Erich1234562002

    If you dont mind Lamenter what do you think of my squad using the Mk 8 chest plate, death company legs with some of the more obvious blood angle stuff filled away or green stuffed out, and the SM Commander torso back as a base figure for my blood raven team. Then maybe I’ll do some kinda Librarian as a captian? I would like to do some kinda staff like you have as kinda their trademark weapom and making them more plain as the rank goes. I dont know much about them yet but what I am reading now I really like and might even think of away to tie in the thousand sons on one of them. anyways let me know what you think. thanks Erich

  • Do you have other pictures of this in the round? It’s fantastic! I would love to use it as a cosplay.

    • Sorry, these are the only pics I have.

      • No worries! Thanks for the reply! I just love this guy. Been looking at WH40K stuff for a few years deciding and prepping to commission some walearable armor and the second I saw this I knew I’d found what I had been looking for! If you’re on Instagram you can follow the progress – it won’t start for a while – on @NoelGreencom