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Red Scorpion – Terminator Captain

Here we have a Red Scorpions character in terminator armour (a counts as Lysander I believe). The client had commissioned four Red Scorpions Captains each equipped differently. This is the first, equipped with terminator armour, thunder hammer and storm shield. The pics are pretty self explanatory. The thunder hammer arm is magnetized at the shoulder joint, allowing rotation and removal for easy transporting/packing. The shield is a conversion of Lysander’s with the Imperial Fist iconography removed.

The head and the loin cloth on this model came from the Assault on Black Reach Captain, a great mini I just have to keep hacking up. The bit on the base is a dead Tyranid Ripper from the Chaplain Cassius model and the head of the thunder hammer came from an Iron Hands model. Although the hammer head is smaller than a regular plastic one, I find it looks a nicer scale and will be unique amongst other thunder hammer wielding terminators. The legs and shoulder pads for the model came from the Forgeworld Commander Culln miniature.

The client had requested a lot of battle damage on this model. My approach to battle damage is to paint up the model first and add the battle damage as the last details (click here to see the model before damage was applied). When applying damage either physically or with paint you have to be carefully to find the right amount, too little will be unnoticeable, too much may ruin all your hard work.

September 4, 2009

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