Snakebite Orks

Here’s a small collection of Orks I created for a Snakebite themed army. Unfortunately the army never got past the Warboss and a Madboyz Mob, but I’m quite pleased with what I did anyway. My original Warboss was based off of the Warhammer Grimgor model, converted to be holding a huge chainsword (from the Inquisitor range) and a large plastic warboss axe. I really liked him but he was  little on the small side, so after a little planning I re-based the original warboss onto a 25mm base and demoted him to chief Nob. The new Warlord was heavily converted from a metal 40k Warboss, Gorbad Ironclaw and the Waaagh Banner Bearer, plus a huge selection of bits. You can see the finished but unpainted model at the bottom of this post. To follow this Warlord to war I started work on a Madboyz mob led by a Madboss (equipped with swanky top hat).

The shield marks him as leader of the Snakebitez Bragon Bref Clan.

To help distinguish the Madboyz from the rest of the ladz the Madboyz are forced to hand a board around their necks with a freaky skull glyph on it. I made one of these in Green Stuff and cast about 20 copies (see Blu-Stuff), giving each Madoy his own id card in effect. You can see more of the unfinished Madboyz below.

The demoted Warboss :-(

Click for conversion pics and Madboyz