Artscale Terminator

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  • Fox

    Hi, love your work mate, I’m making an Artscale Space Marine army at the moment and am using your tutorials a lot, they really help. Is there any chance of getting a step by step of Termies though the way you did the other power armoured ones?

    • Thanks.

      It’s certainly on my to do list. A lot of people are asking for this so I’ll try and make it more of a priority.

    • Terminator tutorial is on the way some time this year. I want to get to it sooner rather than later as I have plans for a Chaos Terminator squad also.

      • humbrade

        Are you still going to do a tutorial on this? Would really like to see one. The scouts would be cool too.

        • Yes! This is being worked on, and is one of the many reasons my posting in so far behind schedule.

  • Jcb

    So awesome. Do you think you could provide some basic dimensions for the size and width of the art scale termie vs the art scale SM?

    • I have an Artscale Terminator tutorial in the works, so I’ll cover it there. Hope to have it posted in about a week.