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Artscale Terminator

This was my first proper attempt at an Artscale Terminator. Not an easy process by any means and I’d suggest you have a good grasp of sculpting with Green Stuff before attempting something like this. The basic conversion goes something is basically a Terminator frame with lengthened legs (plasticard spacers), widened torso and a “skin” of Green Stuff to bulk it out. The whole model is done is a large number of stages, allowing each area of Green Stuff to completely cure before moving onto another stage.

This particular model also had magnetized arms and shoulder pads so the arms could be swapped out for different weapon combos but the same shoulder pads would fit on all.

The same model with Lightning Claws.

Full on size comparisons.


October 14, 2009

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  • Fox

    Hi, love your work mate, I’m making an Artscale Space Marine army at the moment and am using your tutorials a lot, they really help. Is there any chance of getting a step by step of Termies though the way you did the other power armoured ones?

    • Thanks.

      It’s certainly on my to do list. A lot of people are asking for this so I’ll try and make it more of a priority.

    • Terminator tutorial is on the way some time this year. I want to get to it sooner rather than later as I have plans for a Chaos Terminator squad also.

      • humbrade

        Are you still going to do a tutorial on this? Would really like to see one. The scouts would be cool too.

        • Yes! This is being worked on, and is one of the many reasons my posting in so far behind schedule.

  • Jcb

    So awesome. Do you think you could provide some basic dimensions for the size and width of the art scale termie vs the art scale SM?

    • I have an Artscale Terminator tutorial in the works, so I’ll cover it there. Hope to have it posted in about a week.