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Artscale Terminator Squad

To date this is the only Terminator squad I have done in Artscale. Note: the above photo shows the models not quite finished but I wanted to include a picture of the Bane-Raider in here 🙂

This squad was a continuation of the first prototype Artscale Terminator. All the models had magentized arms and shoulder pads allowing them to swap the arms but only one pair of pads per model. Each model had the options for Power Fist and ranged weapon, Lightning Claws or Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. Additionally one of the Terminators had a magnetized Cyclone Missile Launcher option. In all I used 96 magnets in the squad. The positioning of the magnets proved very tricky, but the results are well worth it.

Because the clients chapter has a lion theme to it, I added a lion head and mane as a trophy on the sergeant and sculpted a lion emblem on the chest of one of the squad members.

Ranged Weapons and Power Fists

Pairs of Lightning Claws

Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields

November 19, 2009

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  • Brandon Burt

    That landraider crusader is AMAZING!!!!