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Artscale Tyrant of Badab – Huron Blackheart

This is my conversion of Huron Blackheart done on commission (EDIT:note that this is before the Forgeworld version was released). It is based off of the artwork featured in the BoLS Badab War supplement, the directions from the client was to have him striding forward. I ended up taking this apart twice to get the striding pose right, but I’m pretty pleased with the pose now.

Taking a look at the converted model featured in the Bell of Lost Souls Badab War supplement, there’s a striking similarity to this model. This is entirely coincidental, but a coincidence I find rather pleasing none the less. I left off the feline skin trophy he has draped over his shoulder in the illustrations, because I think it’ll interfere too much with the model as it is and likely won’t look very good on the finished model. There are some minor differences between the model and the artwork but it’s a fairly close finish.

The cloak looks a lot worse than it does in the flesh. I’m fairly pleased with how the Hamadrya turned out, a little larger than I wanted but the positioning and pose are spot on how I wanted him. The plastic torso on the Hamadrya came from a Warhammer Zombie for those who are wondering. Overall I’m most pleased with Huron’s Power Fist. I sculpted it over a striped down terminator power fist, replacing each of the sections of the fingers individually. The iconography on the back of the fist was done by taking a mold from another plastic fist using Blu-Stuff.

The midway point in the conversion.

 Obligatory size comparison pic.



January 9, 2010

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