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Daemonhunter Inquisitor

This is my Daemonhunter Inquisitor for use in a Grey Knight army. I’ve always liked the characterful nature of Inquisitors and the opportunity to make them rather unique, even when the rules for them have been rather rubbish. This particular model is a simple conversion of Forgeworld’s Solomon Lok. I refitted him with a trimmed down laspistol (hellpistol actually) rather than his power sword as I prefer these kind of characters to not appear like full blown warriors.

Even though the model is finished now I’m tempted to tinker with him and swap out the pistol arm for a bionic one, maybe something really refined with a silver finish. Either that or I could modify the pistol by extending the barrel to make it more ornate looking. I’ve wanted to make a 40K scale inquisitor with shoulder mounted psycannon ever since I saw one on the Inquisitor Covenant model (Inquisitor game). This one was basically scratch built from numerous and random plastic bits, plasticard, greenstuff, guitar string and a brass bit from Forgeworld.

Spent quite a long time painting up my Inquisitor. I’ve always had a thing for NMM gold (started when the GW studio painted up Captain Tycho in NMM gold 20 years ago), and whilst this ain’t perfect, it’s also not too shabby, I just don’t think there’s enough of his armour showing to really make the gold finish that impressive.

The colours used for the NMM gold were Snakebite Leather, Golden Yellow, Skull White, with brown washes and a very thin glaze of green wash.

February 17, 2010

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