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Artscale Mark V Assault Squad

This is the finished Assault Squad built in Artscale for a Mark V Artscale army. Much like the previous 2 (Squad 1 & Squad 2) squads I followed a modified version of the Artscale Tutorial. The nice thing about Assault Squads is that you have far more options when it comes to posing the legs, and I’m a big fan of having them just taking off or just about to land (but not elevated too far off the base).

Rather than convert all the arms from terminator arms it seemed far more logical to convert and scale up the existing power armour arms, if nothing else than to make the posing a lot simpler. Most of the arms were cut in half at the elbow and straightened, and then plasticard spacers were used to lengthen the forearm too. I then bulked up the forearm and added new elbow pads that cover the cuts and spacers I had made. You can find a Mini-Tutorial on this method here. Additionally you can see how I made the scaled up (widened rather) Jump Packs here.

July 17, 2010

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