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Artscale Space Marine Scouts

This squad was my first attempt at truescale Space Marine Scouts. At first I just expected them to be a very simple conversion requiring nothing more than slightly lengthened legs. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case as the lengthened plastic legs turned out still too short and a bit feeble looking.

My approach then was two fold. Increase the height and mass of the torso and make completely new scaled up pairs of legs. The torsos were made by chopping the breather tubes from the front of the scout torso component and then completely removing the front of said torso and replacing it with a chest piece from a regular power armoured Space Marine. The breather tubes can then (with a little trimming) fit back on top. This made the torso both taller and deeper without changing the design of the scout armour too much.

The legs were a little trickier. In the end I just sculpted fresh legs in the same style and pose as the existing plastic legs. If you want to try something similar I’d recommend putting a spacer in the standard scout legs to lengthen them and then sculpt a thin skin of Green Stuff over the top trying to retain the same look and detail as best you can.

These generally stand (34mm tall) head and shoulders above the regular metal and plastic scout models but are still shorter than the rest of my Actual Scale Space Marines (average 39mm tall).

July 30, 2010

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