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Tutorial – Painting Yellow

I originally posted this tutorial on a couple of forums a few years back and found myself looking for it recently as I want to paint my new Master of the Forge in yellow armour. I figured I re-post it here amongst other tutorials.
The first section of this tutorial is for those people lucky enough to still have some of GW’s old Inks in their paint palette. The second part is the same process but using the current GW Washes range.
A clean white base/undercoat is key to painting yellow. Spraying first and applying a watered down skull white brushed on after to brighten would be my recommendation (though I didn’t do that on these examples).
(all images shown with Lamenter Bob for comparative purposes)

Sprayed white.

Badmoon Yellow thinned with an equal amount of water (1 part to 1 part). Thinning it allows a bit of the brightness of the white to show through.

Next comes the wash. 2 parts Yellow ink + 1 part flesh wash + 1 part water. You’ll need quite a bit of this mix. Liberally coat the entire model in it. Just soak the damn thing. Allow plenty of time to dry.

After the wash has dried, you may find some problem areas on flat surfaces where the wash has pooled and dried uneven. These areas have to be painted over using Sunburst Yellow.

Finally the highlights were painted in the usual manner, Badmoon Yellow first and Skull White second.

First undercoat white. I put together this mini with whatever spare bits I had, that I knew I wouldn’t need. Normally I would spray undercoat for a good finish. I painted this by hand so it’s a little rough.

Painted in a thinned down sunburst yellow. 1 part paint and 1 part water.

Coated thoroughly with Ogryn Flesh.

Highlight of Sunburst Yellow.

Highlight of Sunburst & White. Shown with comparison original test mini.