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Tutorial – Checks on Shoulder Pads

I’ve seen many attempts at painting checks onto Space Marine shoulder pads (for Lamenters chapter models) that in my mind don’t quite look right. I’ve been asked more than a few times how I did them on my own, so here’s the mini guide I did a while back.

The problem I’ve seen people have is trying to maintain the square shape throughout, which obviously don’t fit on a curved surface. The key thing is defining the centre line and working out from there. When painting the checks, expect to repaint some. I would also point out that the Lamenters badge will cover a large area in the center of the pad, so struggling to paint checks there is a waste of time.

Start by penciling the pattern on, drawing a line down the centre of the pad. Then add two more lines dividing it in four quarters. Further divide the lines up to make eight vertical strips that all converge at the centre of the top of the pad. Finally add equally distanced horizontal lines to form your squares. Even though many of the shapes toward the top of the pad will be more triangular than square the overall finish is still more appealing to the eye than trying to make squares fit on a curved surface.

August 24, 2010

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