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All About Clay Shapers

Clay Shapers (also called colour shapers) are used by sculptors and some painters and are rubber tipped tools that can be used for moving and smoothing modeling putty and or paint.


These are the clay shapers I have and they’ve served me well so far but I would like some more, specifically sharp edged ones. These are Royal Sovereign UK brand but I believe that other brands use the same colouring and sizes. The white are soft, grey are medium firmness and the black are firm.

The ones I use the most are the chisel shaped ones. Whilst using them I try to keep them wet and use a brushing motion for most stuff. The size 6 shapers are generally too big for most things but work really well getting a smooth finish on power armour. I personally find the black ones too firm for anything other than adding sharp details.

I find clay shapers so good that so far haven’t felt the need to use other sculpting more traditional tools other than a sharp scalpel, as the clay shapers have proved more than sufficient with the kind of sculpting I’ve been doing.


A lot of people have asked where to get them from. I got mine from a local store that was lucky enough to stock them but I think if you’re going to buy them online the best place to get them from would be Heresy Miniatures because then you’ll be supporting a wargaming/hobby small business.

They have a full range at good prices, ship worldwide and also take Paypal. I’ll certainly be getting some more for myself from them in future.

August 28, 2010

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  • Davinci

    They have to be my fav for pushing green stuff around with.
    The other 2 pieces I use are a number 11 and 23 or 24 scalpel blade.
    Great blog sir