Tutorial – Sculpting Chapter Badges

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  • Özgür Y?lmaz

    Hi, what is this green stuff, blue stuff? has a brand name etc.? thanks

    • Sorry for the slow response.

      Green Stuff is the generic name for Kneadatite (sometimes sold as Duro). Games Workshop sells it as Green Stuff, and most retailers will sell under that name too.

      Blu-Stuff is my own moulding product, available in putty and pourable liquid forms and available through Blu-Stuff.com. I have a few examples of it being used in other posts on this site.

      • Özgür Y?lmaz

        Thanks for reply. I wanted to check your site blu-stuff.com but it always give error. screenshot added. Thanks again for reply. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8bff576cd74ee0f7cf0d239e40e7218c424811c96f9e0975c2782e7a4904e912.png

        • Thanks for the info. The site seems to work fine for me and I have customers from many countries around the world, so I’m not sure what the origin of the problem is. I’ll look into it. You will also find both Blu-Stuff products on ebay (my ebay seller name is si.black) at the same price if you are interested. Sorry for the inconvenience.