Tutorial – Sculpting Layered Armour

Just a quick one here. As I started work on a second Techmarine/MotF for a client I figured I’d show the approach to making Techmarine layer armour. There was a curing time of at least 4 hours between each of these pics so as to make sure I didn’t damage the sculpting on the previous stage.

The technique for producing each layer is actually very similar to that I used to make the shoulder iconography, in that I made sure the depth of the GS was correct first and then carefully trimmed away excess from the edges to obtain the correct shape. Finally I tidied up the edges very carefully with a small flat clayshaper.

Normally if I were doing layered armour (for say a Mark 2 suit of power armour) I’d trim back the thickness of the legs that I’m sculpting over first, otherwise I’d be adding too much bulk to them. However, in the case of the first and this second Techmarine/MotF I planned to make them “unbudgeable” looking as someone on Warseer described it. With all the heavy gear techmarines carry I think massive boots look quite suitable. Anyhow, on to the pics.