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Artscale Space Marine Bike

This is my first Artscale Space Marine Bike (a prototype you could say). The whole thing is about half as long again as a regular bike, hence the need for a custom base (2 x 40mm rounds and a 40mm square). The plastics are a combination of Ork and Space Marine bikes and the exhausts came from a Baneblade or perhaps Shadowsword kit (I’m not too sure).

I gotta admit I’ve never been a big fan of the 40k scale plastic Space Marine bikes. Not sure what it is about them, maybe they’re too “blocky” or something they’ve just never appealed. Now I’m not saying this to blow my own trumpet but I’m genuinely surprised by how much I like this bike conversion. When I started it I had no real idea or plan on how to do it, just a pile of assorted SM and Ork bike bits. It’s come together very nicely. I took the inspiration for the pose from an image of the Cloud character from Final Fantasy 7 (ahh, memories…). If I were to make a squad of these I’m not so sure how they’d look in the usual biker posing (ie: gunning forward), I guess it’s difficult to pose a machine.

I played around for quite a long time on the guns on this. The work in progress had bolters attached either side of the front wheel and it just didn’t seem brutal enough. I started by stripping these off and adding armour plates (bit off a cyclone missile launcher). I then had to figure an alternative to the bolters. I played around with heavy bolters, storm bolters and a plasma cannon, trying to mount them on a mini turret behind the rider, and whilst it looked pretty cool it was just OTT.

I found a couple of stormbolters at the bottom of my bitzbox that I think came from dreadnoughts. After a LOT of filing and trimming I managed to get them to fit nicely on either side of the engine block/radiator.

Here’s a rough breakdown of components used:
Ork Warbiker – front forks, front wheel, radiator, handles
Space Marine Bike – main body, control (handlebar center)
Ork Trukk – back wheel
Baneblade – exhausts
Ven Dread (metal) – stormbolters, behind seat armour plating
Terminator – legs
Power Armour marine – torso, arms, backpack, head
Terminator Cyclone ML – armour on side of front wheel
Sangiunor – power sword

Early pic to help show basic construction. Note, that I put a large spacer between the two halves of the body of the bike to make it suitably bulky. If I were to do more of these in future I’d look for an alternative to the Ork vehicle wheels, potentially making my own if I could’t find a suitable source.

September 29, 2010

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  • sput

    hi, i have been looking at your sculpting and conversions and have been incredibly amazed by their quality. i have been messing around with true scale for a while and i have been wondering how you did up the front of the bike, the handle bars and engine block area and attached the fork to the wheel. i want to try to make a true scale bike army after the new codex dark angels was released. if you could please share any tips for bike construction they would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, sorry I’ve taken so long over this. I wanted to give a proper answer, but I’ve been procrastinating about it. I even considered putting together a tutorial but I’m really swamped right now.

      Honestly, I don’t remember the specifics, but essentially you’re trying to lengthen the bike’s dimensions. I don’t think height is an issue but certainly width and length are.

      The width of the bike body is pretty straightforward, simply glue a spacer between the two halves on the main body. Then fill in the gaps with Green Stuff. This gap down the middle of the bike that you fill in will be mostly hidden by the rider (which is another matter entirely).

      The front end is a little more difficult. I believe the parts I used came from the front forks of an Ork bike and the ammo casing off the Ork bikes guns. You’ll probably need some thick plasticard too to put it all together. I’m fairly certain the Grey Knight arm mounted Storm Bolters would fit really nicely on either side of the bike, as they’re a bit more compact than the regular hand held type.

      Instead of the sculpted eagle on front of the bike, you may be able to do something with the wing details from the ravenwing bike set.

      The wheels were taken from an Ork trukk and bike, but they aren’t really ideal because they do look really Orky. I’d settle for model rubber wheels from another source but so far I’ve not found one. I’m think some kind of cheap toy truck would fit the bill but it’s all about finding one the right size.

      The huge exhausts on the back came straight from a super heavy tank kit but are a bit on the extreme side. If I were to make another I’d tone them down, make them shorter.

      When it comes to the riders, most definitely give them robes or tabards if you can. Much easier to cover the awkward leg/hip joints than sculpting them.

      Sorry I can’t be more specific than that.

      • sput

        That helps heaps, thanks.i am currently working the front forks, i am thinking about useing lascannon barrels as the top where they join the housing looks like spring susspentions. then doing a rider and greenstuff. good luck with the future projects.

  • Minigiant

    sput I asked him the same question a few months ago and this is what he said i hope it helps

    “If I were make any more I’d do them the same way, using the basic bike as
    a starting point and widen it by putting a spacer down the middle. On
    the first one I used Ork vehicle wheels and Ork bike forks (I think). In
    future I think I’d source the wheels from somewhere else though, or
    even make them myself.”