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Inquisitorial Agent

This was a very specific commission for an Inquisitorial Agent (for Dark Heresy I believe) to be based off of a LotR Arwen mini. The Hadhafang sword looked really ugly and nothing like a sword so I removed it and resculpted it to look like she was holding a scroll. The pointy ears were drilled away and the holes filled and re-sculpted into hair. I added an elegant looking sword hanging from her waist, and because I had to pin it on, I concealed the pins by wrapping a decorative sash around the scabbard. Also added a pistol holster to her side made from Green Stuff.

I opted for a simple paint job, I often favour purple for characters like this. In case anyone’s wondering the 3 fingers on her one hand are meant to be bionic, hence the metallic finish.

October 13, 2010

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