Artscale Mark V Pedro Kantor

This is one of a few characters to lead the Mark V artscale army I’ve been working on. This one is a counts as Pedro Kantor. I’ve tried to give him an authorative commanding pose, ordering his troops to move their asses to the objective. I really wanted to try another scratch built power fist after the one I made for my Huron Blackheart conversion. I did it by adding greenstuff over a standard powerfist (with the fingers trimed off) to give me a slightly scaled up fist. The fingers took a bit more work, having to cut each part of each finger from plasticard sheet and gluing together (requires a lot of test fitting).

The cloak and banner are from the Assault on Black Reach Captain. I managed to acquire a FW Huron model and decided to go ahead and transplant his shoulder pads onto this model (the clients chapter uses Lion iconography). Whilst this might seem difficult at first, simple patience and some whittling down of the resin from inside each pad gets the job done. I replaced the crux terminatus with a little space for chapter iconography (that’ll be up to the painter). I had intended to add details to the back of the fist but I felt the model would simply be overloaded with imagery (how many eagles can you fit on your armour? hehe).

I’m quite impressed with just how nicely the Assault on Black Reach Captain can be converted and incorporated into other minis, I might have to get a few more (he has the nicest power sword). The fingers of the fist were built of three pieces each and two for the thumb, all cut from 2mm thick plasticard sheet and very carefully trimmed and filed.

Click for larger image.

Find a size comparison photo here.