Artscale Chaos Space Marines

Having made rather a lot of Artscale Loyalist Space Marines I thought it about time to turn to something more Chaotic. I started with just one Artscale Chaos Space Marine Chosen as a prototype. Because of the bits available to them Chaos Space Marines are far and away easier to scale up than loyalists. Add in the fact they can be a lot grittier and adorned with all kinds of unique details they really are rather easy.

I’d go as far as to say someone interested in being a scaled up Space Marine force should go Chaos if you want an easier time converting. The chaos terminator shoulder pads are perfect in the unconverted state, as is the backpack, and the extra details Chaos Space Marines can adorn their armour with are great for hiding less than perfect sculpting. The only areas of Green Stuff that are visible are the thighs and the back of the lower leg armour (the feet can be raised up with plasticard if need be). On the prototype model I used a tentacle arm, as I wanted to make something reminiscent of the Rogue Trader era renegades.

Click for size comparison pic.

I found out some cloaks from warhammer chaos warrior box set that fit really nicely on these particular conversions making them even more of a cut above “regular” Chaos Space Marines. This photo was just a mock up to see how the cloak looked. After making this I decided to proceed with a Killteam sized squad (6 man) of Chaos Space Marines.

The prototype minus the cloak. Note how his gear hides any need to sculpt detail underneath.

Click to enlarge pic to full size.

The components required for each Chaos Space Marine are as follows:

Chaos Terminator legs, arms, shoulder pads

Chaos Space Marine torso, helm/head, guns or weapons, back pack

plus any bitz and gubbins you can find (cloaks optional).

You can find a Mini-Tutorial on how to add these cloaks to models here.

Click to see individual pics of squad members.