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Artscale Word Bearer

Another single Artscale conversion done on commission. This is a Chaos Space Marine of the Word Bearer Legion wearing Mark II power armour. The brief for the conversion was quite detailed, in this case, mostly Mark II pattern but with Mark III style armour plating on the front of the legs – and also in a running pose. Space Marines in running poses are always difficult to make look “proper”. Certainly not something I’d recommend trying (I took the legs apart three times before getting the pose I have now).

The head is originally from a Berserker mini with the silly fangs removed and normal teeth sculpted in their place. Looks a little weird because of the colour but I think it’ll be fine once painted. The legs were sculpted in stages (lots of stages) over chopped up terminator legs but the feet were 100% Green Stuff as it’s easier than try to position and sculpt over plastic feet. The top of the torso is from a Forgeworld Mark II model but I had to re-sculpt the lower half as there was no other way to extend its height.

January 24, 2011

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