The Tyrants Lightning Claws

I did a little job converting the rather stylish Lightning Claw on Forgeworlds Huron model a few weeks ago. Because there is only one right hand claw making a pair requires conversion from right to left. I also replaced the actual claws with plastic ones as the resin ones were too deformed for my tastes and too delicate to repair.

To do this I chopped up an original claw, separating all the fingers and thumb and rebuilding the palm attaching the fingers again in reverse of their original order.

I was a big fan of this claw when I first saw it on the Forgeworld website as I don’t really like any of the other existing lightning claws but I have to admit they aren’t really as cool looking as they could be. At some point I’m going to make my own lightning claws based on Horus’ claw in the art of FFG Horus Heresy boardgame. EDIT: Now this is what I call a claw!