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Artscale Terminator Chaplain

This particular conversion was part of the Mark V army I was commission to build. There’s pic of an Assault Terminator on page 31 of the 4th Ed. SM Codex with riveted legs armour. That’s what I tried to capture here, that there is an extra layer of armour riveted onto his normal Terminator suit, so the greaves are larger than usual. I stuck with the half bionic plastic head on this mini as it seems most suitable fora grizzled old Chaplain (of the 1st company no less). The rest is pretty standard. I’d recommend if trying to make something like this yourself – make the hip plates separately and attach afterwards, it’s a much cleaner finish. On this mini I kept the standard arms as the shoulder pads are already rather large to start with. For the icons on the greaves I sculpted the one on the right and then molded and cast a duplicate with Blu-Stuff.

Click for size comparison pic.

March 13, 2011

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  • humbrade

    This looks fantastic. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the red made out of? And how?

    • The red part is from a Space Hulk Terminator mini, I forget which one.