Artscale Deathwatch Devastator

Here is a commission for a single Deathwatch Space Marine (to be used in FFG Deathwatch RPG).

The brief was far more specific than I normally like (I like to be as free as possible in the creation process) but I really liked the concept. Sometimes having someone push for a really specific finish can be an advantage and I don’t think this would have turned out as well as it did had the client not been so pedantic (it’s a compliment, truely). This particular Space Marine is equipped with Mk IV armour and a modified heavy bolter. The helm is a stripped down FW Khorne Berserker helm which looks pretty cool I have to say. The heavy bolter is actually made from 2 heavy bolters, the devastator variant and one from a Bandblade (I believe), as I wanted to make it unique. Because I didn’t have any of the devastator back packs left in my bitz box I asked the client if I could give him a a box magazine rather than belt feed. I personally think it looks cooler and is fitting for a DW who would have the most advanced gear. I would have like to have added a bipod also but the size of the box magazine made it look redundant.

The base was done really simply using textured plasticard sheet cut to fit the base and separated to leave small gaps, like gaps between floor panels.

I took the above pics when I felt the conversion was finished but the client requested an alteration to the model’s pose so that the gun was in more of a firing position. I think I have a habit of avoiding action poses and whilst I still liked the previous posing as it made the gun look heavy, I do think this is an improvement though. Additionally a slight modifiation made to the handle of the heavy bolter (reminds me a little of the Pulse Rifle from the Aliens film).