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Artscale Talos of the Night Lords

This is a an Artscale version of Talos from the Night Lords Legion based upon available artwork (mostly from book covers). From what I can tell he seems to be equipped with almost a full suit of mark V armour. Whilst I could have fashioned one of my own style Mark V helm I decided to acquire one of the relatively Forgeworld pieces as the quality is just so nice.

I really wasn’t sure how to proceed with this project at the beginning (the pose is the first important step), in this case I went back to the artwork (featured on one of the covers) and deciding to use that as starting point. Even though I’d already tried something else and this meant scrapping some of the work I’d already done the project wasn’t going in the right direction at the time. This is another example of how taking steps backward in the conversion process can be highly beneficial, and something I recommend you be willing to do from time to time.

To achieve the finish on the cracked chest plate I first sculpted it untarnished, and just before it had finished curing I took a scalpel to the chest plate to simulated the cracked armour by chopping into it, again referring to the artwork. I ended up pushing a small wedge of plasticard underneath the torso to better mis-shape the rent in the armour. Although the chest eagle took 3 attempts to get it how I wanted it, I think once painted up nicely this will look obviously damaged, where as my earlier attempts just looked scratched and a bit lame.

Work in progress pic.

My favourite elements are the sword and the Night Lords shoulder pad. I should note that I re-made the sword hilt into something a lot better after taking these pics but I forgot to photograph it before sending it off to the client.

July 1, 2011

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