Blu-Stuff Iconography Molds

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  • faolan_conall

    Great tutorial!

    Have you given a thought to trying out “Instant Mold”?  From what I’ve heard it’s quite effective, and completely reusable.

    • I’ve used Polymorph which is apparently the same material and I really didn’t like it. Too much fuss having to use hot water (and it has to be really hot), didn’t make a great mold as it’s too firm to push it on properly and cools rock hard so there’s no flexibility. Maybe you have to get it hotter to soften it enough but it’s a lot of bother, especially when you only want to mold some tiny detail.

      The fact it’s reusable doesn’t mean much to me when the result aren’t great to start with. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not impressed by what I’ve seen in videos and reviews so far.

      • faolan_conall

        Well reusable crap is still crap.  Thanks for the info, Lamenter!