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Artscale Grey Knight Squad

This 5 man Grey Knight squad are to based on Grey Knights immediately after the Heresy. As such they have Nemesis Force Weapons in the style of those on 1st edition Grey Knights, ie: Halberds with storm bolters built in.

I opted to use the older metal Terminators as a base for the legs as I find them to be much better posed than the plastic ones which seem to me to be a bit too widely spread. Adding Green Stuff to metal is more difficult than adding to plastic, I’m not entirely certain why that is but I would advise beginners to use plastic models as a base.

The Grey Knight plastic torsos are unusually deep compared to regular Space Marines so I used no spacer in between the front and back. The NFW has had its blade removed and attached lower down so that a cut down bolter would fit atop of the blade. The bolter barrel had to be replaced so that it was in a better position. The added =I= symbol also fit perfectly and the cable was my first try out of my new TubeTool from Masq-Mini (I’ll review it properly in a later post) and I’m very pleased with it.

I lengthened the arms (using plasticard spacers) and Green Stuffed over them to add the necessary size (see a Tutorial here). When I’m working on individual bits like this and I need to put them somewhere for the Green Stuff to cure without getting damaged I use a large blob of poster BluTac (sometimes I also add temporary pins to hold small pieces by).

I had quite a specific brief for the Justicar to resemble a model I did very early on in the blog. I also got the chance to add a shoulder mounted psycannon (I have a bit of a thing for shoulder mounted ranged weapons, not sure why). It took quite a while to make it fit nicely, but I think it works. I wanted the psycannon to be pointing in the same direction as the Justicar’s bionic eye, as if the two are linked. The rest of the squad came together quite naturally from using mostly Grey Knight components. The whole squad is pretty self explanatory to anyone who’s seen my work before.

July 29, 2011

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  • Anonymous

    wow really cool! the psycannon is really nice!

  • David Alcón Kombo

    Very very very nice! ^^

  • Brandon Burt

    Whats the difference between truescale and artscale?

    • Hi, I’ve answered this elsewhere so I hope you don’t mind me copying and pasting an answer…

      Here’s how I define them:

      Truescale: the most commonly thrown around term for bigger Space Marines. The term Truescale refers to a model that’s scale within its own proportions is accurate and most lifelike (only in miniature form). Imagine placing a photo of a real person next to a photo of a regular miniature, you’ll see vast differences in proportions between miniature and real life human being. A Truecsale miniature is a more correctly proportioned, realistic model. Many historical wargames miniatures adhere to this idea.

      GW miniatures adhere to an exaggerated “heroic” scale rather than Truescale. With reference to Space Marines there are actually very few True-Truescale Space Marine conversions, in part because there is a lot of disagreement about a Space Marine’s actual proportions but also because the term Truescale is commonly used to describe any and all bigger than normal Space Marine.

      Actual Scale: a term coined (by the masterful converter Doghouse) to refer to an attempt to make marines that are proportionally in scale with the other miniatures of the 40k universe. In essence you put your Space Marines on the table and you want them to tower over your enemy’s guardsmen (or whatever) just like they do in the fiction. This is what most “Truescale” conversions really are.

      Artscale: my own variation on Actual Scale. This is all about making miniatures more true to GWs artwork and the description given in the fiction and stems from the fact I try to refer to artwork for inspiration most of the time. Artists like Alex Boyd rarely fail to inspire, and I want my miniatures to capture some of that inspiration. For me this is not just about having a mini the right height, or size, but also giving it a sense of mass/weight and movement via considered posing. The emphasis is on using artwork as a guideline for conversions.

      For me personally I have no interest in proper Truescaling as I always find heroic scaled miniatures (GW minis are heroic scaled) far more appealing, even though they’re technically less accurate (big hands, big feet). All my scaled up conversions on this site are Artscale conversions.