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Spiked Mace

I just wanted to share this as a separate post rather than as part of the update to my Winged Doombull project. I was very keen to replace the standard Doombull’s axe with something matching the model that inspired the conversion in the first place.

The head of the weapon is actually a skin of Green Stuff over a large round bead. The hole in the bead made pinning it to the handle simplicity in itself. To make the spikes I marked out in pencil on the surface of the Green Stuff where each spike would need to be, starting with the top and marking four points equally around the center diameter. I then marked eight more points (four above and four below) between these. At each points I added a large blob of Green Stuff and shaped it roughly into a four sided pyramid, not worrying too much about it just making sure there was more than enough mass on each. Once the Green Stuff had cured I took a sharp scalpel and sliced off the four faces of each pyramid shape, to reveal the pointy finish I required.

This is something I think is often over looked when working with Green Stuff; it can be cut and carved very cleanly with the right tools. Getting really sharp edge is a piece of cake if you cut back when it’s cured as opposed to sculpting it. The points on this are sharp enough that I don’t pick the model up by it’s weapon.

I used the same technique on a much smaller scale for the spikes on the back of Abaddon’s Talon.

September 7, 2011

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