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Mechanical Talons

Hey all,

So I know I’ve been a bit lax of late (nothing new there right?). I redesigned the site and then did hardly anything with it for weeks, not a great start.

My original idea was to turn the site into a directory of modelling and painting articles scattered across the internet, trying to make it easier for hobbyists to find relevant content to them. It didn’t take me long to realise how difficult this was going to be, and that the reason people visited this site was to see the work I produce. So I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing with the exception of no more commission work.

I’ll sometimes post a blog entry if I have something for sale, but there will be no more commissions. I would love to hear from you guys (leave a comment or email me) about what content you want to see. Do you want more tutorials? More on Space Marines or would you like to see me tackle something entirely different? Some painted stuff for a change :p

I do have a small announcement also.

Next week I shall have my first batch of Mechanical Talons cast and up for sale.

I’ll have more pics next week. There will only be 100 pairs available to start with and I’ll be selling them at £3 per pair or £12 for 5 pairs. For the time being anyone interested should email me and let me know how many they want. Shipping will be an extra £2.50 in the UK and £3.50 to anywhere else. Payments will be via a Paypal invoice.

In future I’ll probably set up a small store within this site, but for these first steps I’ll keep it simple.

UPDATE: No longer available for sale.

September 28, 2011

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  • Anonymous

    What I would really like to see – move step-by-step of video tutorials on green stuff, and hopefully you will be making and selling more bits for conversions, like raptor-style leg talons, daemon weapons and other. Forgeworld are using outdated styles of “classic” warhammer miniatures, while nobody is doing just cool custom stuff.

    • I hadn’t considered raptor style legs or daemon weapons, that’s a nice idea. I do plan to have a small range of complete figs that aren’t IP violating but could “count as” something in one game system or another.

      • Anonymous

        Complete figure may or may not fit into some army, but simple conversion bits like those forgeworld character sets or heavy weapon sets would fit most armies. And as for me – I am lacking of huge amount of conversion bits and obviously of skills to make them myself, even adding higher platform onto terminator boots is a half day torture for me. But some monsters or daemons would fit anywhere I think… Any way, that’s none of my business, just give us some spoilers about your plans 🙂

  • I honestly don’t have too much experience with plasticard myself, so a tutorial might be a bit presumptuous, I usually opt to use Green Stuff instead whenever I can.

    I have been toying with the idea of making a truescale rhino from plasticard. It’s definitely on my to do list.

  • Indeed, I have about 15 pairs left, but I should have some more soon.

    You can find them in my new Store: masteroftheforge.com/store