Look what came in the post!

I just wanted to share this little gem that I got in the post this morning. I ordered a Goldar the Barbarian from Reaper after seeing it on a Beast of War ‘On the Table‘ episode. Whenever I roleplay or play games like HeroQuest (yes I still play HeroQuest) or play MMORPGs I almost always play the barbarian or warrior. However, in my mind there are very few really great muscle bound Barbarian models out there, so when I saw this I jumped at the chance to get one.

Although I think the model is great as it is I did buy it with the intention of tweaking it somewhat, a new weapon, slightly altered pose and improved loin cloth for starters. I didn’t know what the scale of this model would be I just hoped it would look nice on the tabletop, but when I got it this morning I realised that is the perfect scale for an unarmoured Truescale Space Marine. I’ll still be making this one a Barbarian character model, but if I find any need in future for an unarmoured Space Marine I know exactly where to start from.