Charity Auction

Hi all.

So I have this Artscale Deathwatch mini (Imperial Fist) that I made for commission a couple of months ago and unfortunately the client hasn’t got back to me. Rather than just try and find a buyer, I’m going to auction it off and give the money to a local RSPCA Animal Rescue Centre who are running an appeal at the moment.

First thing to decide is how to paint it up as I’m sure it’ll raise a higher final price if it’s painted. It was commissioned as a member of the Deathwatch, but I can easily paint it up in Imperial Fist or Crimson Fist colours. I’m leaning toward yellow as I’m pretty good with yellow paint and that looks great with battle damage. I’ll also provide an alternative 40mm base so this can better “count as” Lysander.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on the best way to go regarding painting please leave a comment or email me.

Also once it’s finished and goes up for auction (eBay obviously) any help promoting it would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

EDIT: Since I posted this I’ve been talking with Volomir and he’s kindly agreed to paint up this miniature for me. Obviously this means the mini will be 100 times better than if I painted it myself and hopefully it’ll raise a fair bit more money.