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MotF Online Store

Well it’s only taken a couple of years but I finally have automated payments set up for the Master of the Forge Webstore.

To kick it off I have my first batch of Mechanical Talons. The stock is low at the moment but I’ll be restocking them very soon. I’ve also added Blu-Stuff to this store for anyone interested in saving on shipping.

I’ve set the shipping cost for all orders at just ¬£1.99, something I did on Blu-Stuff.com. This means I have to cover the extra cost of all shipping outside the UK myself, but I prefer to keep things simple and give everyone the same overall price regardless of what side of the planet they live on.

This is a small start but now that the ball is rolling I’ve got plenty of projects and ideas lined up for ¬†casting.

October 19, 2011

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  • Tristancotterill

    So what other things will you be adding to your store?
    Im watching this with great anticipation

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      Currently being worked on are a pair of large feathered wings (for my Doombull) suitable for Daemon princes, etc, a mechanical Abomination (40mm base size), more mechanical talons and shock trooper (28mm human). Later on I want to do at least one armoured angel (the wings I’m working on now are a prototype in effect).

      Don’t anyone expect truescale Space Marine components. Instead I’ll be doing my best to provide tutorials for that side of the hobby including a tutorial on Artscale Terminators (yes, I’m finally going to tackle that one).