Doom-Bull gives you Wings! (part 1)

This has been a long time in the works but this week I devoted some time to trying to get my winged Doombull. This post is just about the progress on the wings. Once they are finished I’m going to have some casts made, so there will be some up on the Store. They each measure 50mm across and 100mm tall and will be a good match Daemon Princes and monsters.

My whole aim with making these was to make them really detailed and ruffled looking because wings featured on most other models (that I know of) are a bit on the flat side.

I started with a paper template, which for anyone trying something like I can’t recommend enough.

With a rough idea of the size of each feather I wanted I then sculpted a range of them on piece of plasticard (half for the right side and half for the left side). I then made 3 Blu-Stuff molds of the feathers. The quick curing time involved stopped me from making just one big mold, three smaller molds is just easier.

With the molds made I then used them about 10 times so far, to cast a pile of feathers.

Taking the easy approach, I used the paper templates and attached some soft copper wire around the edge to reinforce their shape. I also gave the paper a thick coating of PVA glue just to give them some rigidity on which to build on. Starting with the largest feathers first I started layering them from the bottom upwards, fixing them with a small amount of superglue.

So far I’m about a third of the way through this. I still need to do the same on the other side of each wing and before they can be cast there will be a lot of filling in to do.

I’m still playing with the idea of making the wings on my Doombull a magnetized option because I still like my current Doombull as he is. This is one of the reasons to have them cast in resin just to help reduce the weight.