Alpharius and Omegon – Part 1

This is the starting point of my first Primarch project. I’ve been putting off doing any Primarch for a long time because I want the finished model to really capture that extra special something that makes them so special. This particular project features the twin Primarchs Alpharius and Omegon.

To do this I’m making a plain body of legs and torso that I will then mold and cast. The two models need to look very similar with a slight modification in pose. I may attempt to do a two part Blu-Stuff mold tutorial with this but it might be pushing the limitations of the material to do so, so we’ll have to see.

The starting point for me is this image (ironically of a different Primarch conversion). There is something of the “strategist leader” in that pose and will be the what I use for Alpharius. I think Omegon will have a bit more of a “sneaky, in the background pose”. To start this project I begin with the legs as I always do. There are no existing plastic terminator legs in anywhere near the right pose to use as a frame work so I’ve had to resort to sculpting them from scratch.

Because of the Alpha Legions leaders being very practical and not ones for unnecessary decoration the armour itself will be fairly plain. I’ll be relying on the cloak to really set the model apart, but I’m also aware that the model being so plain will require it to be very sharply finished. The slightest imperfection in the largely featureless armour will stick out like a sore thumb so it is very important to get the sculpting perfect. This hasn’t been easy, in fact what is shown here is my fifth attempt at making the legs.

The pose is finally spot on what I’m after. The feet are perfect, the left greave needs a bit more refinement. The waist and torso will be done fairly easily as the size and shape are already in place and require just a new skin.

For the head I’ve stripped down one of the grey knight heads, just because the facial details are so nice and sharp and far and away beyond anything I could sculpt. When I work on Omegon he will use the same head (obviously).


I’ve had very little free time the last couple of weeks so progress hasn’t gone as far as I would have liked. I’ve also really struggled to get this accurate. I had to redo the belt strap because my first attempt placed it way too high, and I also ended up sculpting the chest plate twice and even then I had to file it down to size. I think I’m a little out of practice.

The helm is just a stand in for the moment. It’s quite unusual for me to cut away, file or sand Green Stuff after I’ve sculpted something but in this case I’m trying to make the model as polished as possible because I want to take casts of it.

Whilst I don’t recommend them for the price I have found GWs emery board sticks quite useful for getting a more polished finish, at least easier than using sheets of the stuff.

Regardless of the technique I use I’ll try and should how I model and cast this body in my next update. On the whole, I’m very pleased with how this is taking shape. I definitely think the model will need a cloak to help frame the finished thing and mark it out as an extraordinary character.