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Sorry, updates on the way.

First up I have to apologize for the lack of content recently. The last few weeks especially have been manic to say the least and I genuinely couldn’t set aside any proper hobby time. I know some of you are waiting on projects and many more just want to see some new content and tutorials, but it’s been impossible recently.

The craziness has settled down a bit so I’m hoping to get back on track this week (fingers crossed). I’ve managed to tinker now and again with ongoing work but don’t have much of anything to show off at the moment.

The wings I’ve been working on for my Doombull are now complete and I hope to get them cast very soon. Also if anyone is interested in using the same method to make their own wings (casting individual feathers and attaching to a template) I’ll make molds of the original feathers available for the cost of the Blu-Stuff itself (100g is just about enough to mold all 18 feathers).

The torso and legs of the primarch conversion I’m working on have been tidied up and refined ready to mold (as I need to make Alpharius’ twin brother). I did attempt a 2 part Blu-Stuff mold but the rapidity of it’s setting and the undercuts,especially around the neck, proved too problematic. So I went to move onto my original plan of RTV silicone rubber (pourable rubber mold). Except my own supplied had dried up, so I had to order a fresh tin. That fortunately came this morning, so tonight I’ll do the first part of the two part molds for the body. I’ll try to show how I cast these in Green Stuff (and why) rather than resin.

I’ll try and post an update on this tomorrow.

One final thought, the client who requested a set of Flesh Tearers iconography never got back to me, so the masters have been sitting on my desk since I finished them. First person to email me willing to pay postage costs can have them, so long as it’s for their own use. EDIT: icons already taken.

November 30, 2011

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