Artscale Space Marine Casts

In my last post I showed my attempts at making a cast of my long time coming Primarch project. I filled the silicone rubber mold with Green Stuff and the cast I got out of that the next day was actually pretty decent considering. Perhaps because the Green Stuff wasn’t exposed to air when it was curing but the cast was a bit sticky when I removed it, still hardened, but oddly sticky. After a thorough washing I gave it an inspection. There were slight gaps on the legs along the mold line where I’d not added enough Green Stuff, but other than that the cast came useable (with a little attention).

I then decided (as these components aren’t for sale as they are) to get a professional to cast them (go see BattleCast). I’ve had a handful of these made, and Joel at Anvil Industries was happy to use my own mold to do so. Below is the comparison pic to show the quality of the casts next to one another. Now that I have these I’m able to detail them up and attach the arms, heads, etc. I’ll be making more of this type of thing to build up my own Space Marine force.

On an unrelated topic I’ve started work on a regular scale Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Raven chapter and should have an update on that in a few day.