Alpharius and Omegon – Part 2

Steady progress on Alpharius and his twin brother Omegon. The tricky thing with this conversion is to make them obvious Primarchs, but also not have them too decorative, as their own modus operandi is to make sure they and all the Legionnaires are largely indistinguishable from one another. At the end of the day I’d rather make them too decorative than not decorative enough, but I’ll try and stay away from flashy details.

Since I took these photos I’ve rebased the models (Omegon will show up in the next update) on 40mm bases as thats far more appropriate to such a model. I used Aerion the Faithful’s excellent depiction of Alpharius as inspiration for the sculpting on the chest plate. To do this I added Green Stuff in the approximate shape I needed (see above photo) and pushed it about with size 0 clayshapers and a needle’s pointy end.

I also knew I didn’t want to use a stock head for this miniature, but at the same time I don’t feel confident enough that I can sculpt a head from scratch. My solution was to take one of the very nice Grey Knight bare heads and strip it down (removing all details but the face) and use that as a template to sculpt my own face (no, not my actual face) with stronger features.

I did this face in four stages, forehead, jaw, mouth and nose. Each stage was a case of creating larger bolder features over the existing plastic. The eyes were left as they were. The end result was a slightly larger than standard head with strong features and I have to say I’m rather pleased with the finish, and is a good halfway measure considering I can’t sculpt heads from scratch yet. On the pics below I’ve desaturated the Green Stuff in Photoshop to make the results easier to see.

I still need to add the usual headgear and bionic plugin bit to the rest of the head. Because Omegon is Alpharius’ twin I’ll be casting this face using Blu-Stuff as the mold, along with other artificer details so both models look identical except for the posing.

I need to run it by the client, but I’m quite keen on giving Omegon a cloth hood pulled over his head, as suggested by someone on one of the forums.