Gabriel Angelos – Part 2

I put the finishing touches to the Gabriel Angelos conversion a few days ago.

The two main parts of the conversion that I think require some explanation are the cloak and the Thunder Hammer (which I’ve been informed is correctly called Godsplitter).

Originally I had tried to sculpt a cloak using a sheet of wax I’d been given (basically candle wax in a 2mm thick sheet). Using metal tools and a lighter to heat and shape the wax I tried making to make something resembling natural cloth. However, I couldn’t get it to work as intended so I’ve shelved that idea for the time being.

Instead I made a partial mold of a chaos warrior cloak, sculpting the top half to fit the rest of the model. Having it made from Green Stuff allowed me to trim it down and shape it to fit much better.

The hammer was made starting with the trimmed down Grey Knight Thunder Hammer (the power armour version). I started by filling in the central part to make it into one large block. I wanted to make the head of the hammer look like it was made from something like a chunk of ore or volcanic rock, that then had a metal casing riveted onto it. I put a thin covering of Green Stuff on two of the faces of the hammer and then added a texture to it by pressing a piece of sponge into it while still soft.

The rest of the faces of the hammer head were done one at a time and rivets added (Grandt Line product) while the Green Stuff was still soft (no glue required).

I wasn’t sure whether to add the reinforced plating to the legs or not, but it did seem like something was needed. I wasn’t sure about this conversion until it was in the final stages, something I find happens quite often in the process. I usually feel that the project isn’t working out as well as I had hoped until it is in the final stages when everything seems to just come together.