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Resin Wings For Sale

Finally managed to attach the first pair of cast wings to mu Doombull conversion (two pins in each to be sure). Now that I’ve finished all the sculpting on this model, I’ll begin painting this long overdue project. Still a little uncertain how I’ll be painting it (colour choices), but I’ll probably opt for something in natural tones rather than the often used blues, yellows and reds of Tzeentch aligned creatures. I really liked the Warhammer Online game’s interpretation of Tzeentch aesthetics so I’ll probably go in that direction.

I’m extremely happy with the final result of this conversion. It’s going to be the centre piece of my fantasy army (maybe a small warband, let’s not to ahead of ourselves, eh?).

I have two dozen pairs of casts of these wings available now that are up for sale in the Store. Each wing is 100mm tall, 50mm wide and averages 10mm thick, making them very nice and chunky. There is almost no flash to clean up on them, a testament to the skill of the caster (ie: not me). I’ve priced a pair of wings at £11.99 each, with £1.99 to cover shipping costs (to anywhere in the world).

February 14, 2012

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