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Painting the Doombull – Part 1

It’s been really nice to do some painting for a change as it’s been so long since I’ve really sat down and painted pretty much anything. I expected my collection of GW paints to have dried out long ago, but going through them I only ended up throwing away 2 that were beyond use. I was planning to invest in a fresh set of Vallejo paints, and even though I don’t necessarily need to now, I still think I’ll give them a go.

To start with I undercoated the model white and then undercoating the wings after in black. I know I want the wings to be very raven-like and because they essentially just need to be dry brushed I’m leaving that till last, as I don’t have to worry about rubbing paint off as I handle the model.

I wanted to give him a greyish brown skin tone. Using a combination of Bleached Bone, Bubonic Brown, Chaos Black, Skull White, Badab Black Ink I worked back and forth to to find the right mid tone, not too grey not too brown. This is the thing I enjoy about painting, working on highlighting and shading, especially in things like skin tone.

I’m pretty happy with the skin at the moment, maybe needs a bit more work but it’s close to finished. I’m a little unsure how to paint the armour plating other than I wanted all the armour the same colour. This guy is aligned to Tzeentch, but I want this alignment to be subtly done. At the moment the armour is painted Boltgun Metal with a liberal coat of Black Ink (the old GW ink). Not sure about this “Dark Iron” effect yet, as the shiny finish on the old Black Ink is a bit off putting. I may give the model a thin coat of Testors Dullcote to get rid of that shine before I do anything else.

The model definitely needs more colour as it’s a bit monotone at the moment. One thing I am considering is some kind of pattern either etched onto the armour or tattooed onto the upper arm. This image (I’m very excited about Guild Wars 2) is my main inspiration for the colour palette I wanted to use on the model originally.

February 19, 2012

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  • Erich

    go with the tattoos they are a must heck do a little of both lots of tatt’s and som bronze etching on the armor would help bring him to life. And maybe some color to his face/head. But heck of a start!

  • Erich

    Also i ment ask are you using an airbrush?

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      TBH I’m not a fan of airbrushs. I know result can be really good but I enjoy the artistry of a good paint brush.

      I’ll have that chain tutorial posted later tonight with a little luck.