Liquid Blu-Stuff

So I’ve got a new product to compliment the original Blu-Stuff molding putty. This Liquid Blu-Stuff (I may yet change the name) is just as easy to use as the putty, is non-toxic, and cures incredibly quickly compared to many other silicone rubbers (at least that I know of). Unlike the Blu-Stuff putty which is great for casting clays and putties because it cures firm, this new Liquid Blu-Stuff cures into a soft rubber, making it better suited for casting resins and plasters.

I’ve made an introductory video to show just how easy it is to use.

Another nice thing about this material is that is can be used as a casting material should you have a reason for making a cast in soft bouncy rubber (original Blu-Stuff works as a great mold for casting Liquid Blu-Stuff as it happens), though I’m struggling to think of anything I want to cast in rubber (vehicle wheels maybe). Still need to try out pigments with this material.

One of the first things I tried with the Liquid Blu-Stuff was molding the series of feathers I had made for the Doombull project. I began by building a simple container from Lego in which to pour the Liquid Blu-Stuff.

Liquid Blu-Stuff comes in two capped bottles (100g each) which are very simple to pour from.

In this instance I did a test run with water in the lego mold container to check what volume of liquid I would need. I then simply poured in equal amounts of Liquid Blu-Stuff into a pot I had handy (product is supplied with two measuring pots) and mixed with a wooden stick until one consistent light blue colour.

This is then poured into the mold, letting it fill up slowly from one end.

The great thing about this stuff is it’s really easy to use and only takes 15 minutes to cure. It’s too soft to be used with epoxy putties like Green Stuff, but works wonderfully with resin (another post coming soon about my use of resin).

This will be available very soon (just want to get a surplus stock before I put it on sale). Anyone interested in reviewing it somewhere online should email me for a sample.