Artscale Space Marine Combat Squad

Well it’s been far far too long since my last post. Crazy times of late have meant my priorities have had to lie elsewhere. But now I’m back on track and focused on new things…

Starting with this Space Marine Combat Squad. I thought about posting an update on this squad last week but procrastinated over it and decided to just finish them first. As you can see each model uses the same resin cast bodies I had made for a previous Primarch project, but with each heavily remodelled.

The brief was for a 5 man combat squad in Mark VII armour with all the trimmings. I used my standard approach to making Artscale Space Marines, most of which can be found in the Tutorial. Beyond that I don’t think there’s anything unusual worth mentioning. The shoulder icons, chapter badge and chest eagle where all sculpted once and then replicated using a Blu-Stuff mold. It’s not exactly an easy thing to do but the results are certainly satisfying once you know what you’re doing (it’s mostly about using a really delicate touch).

The client wants to base them himself, hence the absence of bases.

(My fave, reminds me a little of the plastic second edition Space Marine).


Size comparison.

Chapter badge.