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Black Crusade 2012: Chaos Sorcerer

When I was asked to be a part of this years Wargaming charity project, The Black Crusade 2012, I saw it as an opportunity to do something nice and also to try something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, a Chaos Sorcerer on flying disc.

While there’s technically no need to make this project a truescale model, I simply feel compelled to do so, and as it is a single character figure I feel I can write it off as part of the characters fluff (being gigantic even amongst his fellow Chaos Space Marines). Anyhow…

To begin with I knew I wanted to base the model off of the Chaos Terminator Lord/Sorcerer plastic kit. After acquiring one of those I dug around in my bits box for a components to try out and a bit of inspiration. When I do this I usually have a collection of parts that I’ll try to dry fit first.

So far I have the the basic legs and torso assembled and a collection of parts.

For the head of the conversion I originally found out this severed head from my bits box. I cut away all the hair to leave the head with a rather odd expression on it. Still not sure about this yet. I might make the head swappable but my instinct is telling me to go with my second idea…

I put together the very Tzeentchian styled staff with the standard staff from the kit and some big horns from a Tzeentch standard top. I really like the curve of these horns and remembered a similar thing on one specific Chaos Space Marine helm. I really like the idea of design elements being repeated throughout a model, so I’m pretty certain this is the helm I’ll go with.

The Disk of Tzeentch I’m intending to sculpt myself. As you can see I’ve attached the model to a plasticard disc. I’ll be sculpting the creature itself over the top of this. If this doesn’t work out as I hope I’ll acquire and convert an existing disc model.

This project has a time limit based on it, so I want to have the conversion finished before the end of the month and then I’ll have a few days to get the paint job finished.

Updated: July 8th 2012

As is customary for me, I’ve taken far too long over the sculpting process of this mini, and have only a few days left to finish painting it. Luckily I know how I intend to paint the model so there’s no decision work (or indecision work ūüôā ) to get in the way.

So when I started this project I had this vague idea of making the ¬†disc like the one the Herald of Tzeentch model but with lots of long elongated limbs coming out of it. After a couple of false starts I decided to ditch the organic looking disc and go for something with a “constructed” look. At first I tried using plasticard to create layered geometric shapes but I found I couldn’t cut precisely and sharply enough to get a good finish.

My next move was to use a large button (filed down the back to be flat) that was just the right size (35mm diameter) and sculpted a Tzeentchian like symbol on it. As I sculpted it it sort of developed of it’s own accord into a weird fish like icon. After I finished this icon it occurred to me that I could mirror it on the other side and make it like a bizzare Yin/Yang symbol. The casting of the original was pretty straightforward using Blu-Stuff.

Next step was to add a lot more detail to the rim. The spikes are from the trophy racks of Chaos Terminators.

The final touch is a number of Green Stuff tentacles added to the bottom of ¬†the disc, just so it has some element of an organic look to it. Admittedly the bottom of the disc could be done better but it really won’t be seen, and with a deadline approaching I’ve left it simple.

The Sorcerer himself is pretty straightforward. The mutated arm is from a plastic Pink Horror model, with the upper arm bulked out a little to make it fit the model better.¬†Finally the model in pinned to a Secret Weapon Miniatures bone field base. I went with a 25mm as that’s the legal base for this load out (power armour and disc).

I now have 2 days to paint this fella, but I think I can do that. The scheme I’m going for is a Black Legion Sorcerer who’s dedicated himself to Tzeentch, so black, gold trim, white head and pads with a strong blue for the arms and details.

I might angle the disc a bit more to one side, and I still have the temptation to magnetize the sorcerer to the disc so that I can provide him with a 40mm optional base, that way he can be fielded without the disc (in counts as Terminator Armour).

June 18, 2012

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  • Willem-Jan Bertram

    Looking good there, very happy to see some extra Tzeentch stuff joining the Black Crusade!

    Out of curiosity, any plans yet for the colourscheme? I’m also putting together a squad of Thousand Sons/Tzeentch-Icon CSM for the project and I might as well make certain they fit in with their commander.

    • Oh that’s cool, I’m all for making both projects colour schemes fit together.

      As I want to give this guy a mutated arm (not 100% on this yet, but it’s likely) I don’t want to paint him as a Thousand Sons Sorcerer (as they are free of mutation). I’m leaning toward Black Legion that follows Tzeentch exclusively but I’m flexible if you have ideas. Off the top of my head, black scheme with white helm and some areas of blue (pads perhaps), with gold for the metallic details (and a blue skinned disc).

      • Willem-Jan Bertram

        ¬†I was more or less also leaning in the direction of Black Legion cult troops. Just seems to fit better with the idea behind the force and seemed more fun to paint than post-Heresy Thousand Sons. Also opens up a bit more room for creative conversion work, Thousand Sons are afterall suppossed to be extremely static. But if we’re going for Black Legion stand-ins, thing can be a bit more dynamic and interesting. I have a set of ‘galactic knight’ bits from which the torsos and shoulderpads will make for an interesting base for the basic CSM¬† –¬† http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2bwe4xmKC1rtnhhno2_1280.jpg

        I figured I’d see where ‘the other guy’ (which turns out to be you) was going design wise with the character mini and try and encoorporate similar themes in my humble, little contribution¬† ūüėČ

  • CJ Kilbride

    I hate to say that the logic for Tru-scaling this figure out of the whole army is lost on me, character or not.

    • I can understand that, it’s more a case of my best work is scaled up stuff, where the proportions look better. If I’d gone the easy route I’d have been disappointed in myself for not putting the effort in.

      The difference isn’t so much that it sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the other regular scale contributions.

  • Predator

    sorry to bother you with thist question but which helmet is it u used here? cant find it anywhere, btw this looks just awesome, great work!

    • Thanks.

      As far as I know the helm is from the original release of the Chaos Space Marine squad, back in third edition when Chaos first got plastics.

      I’ve looked for it in the current kits and not found it so I assume it’s no longer in production. The one I bought came off a ebay bitz store, so I think I was just lucky to find the one I was after.

      If anyone knows different (maybe it is still in production) then please leave a comment.

      • Willem-Jan Bertram

        ¬†Luckily it is still available in the standard CSM plastic kit, it’s hidden on the sprue with the icons, special weapons and champion heads (pic courtesy of Heresy Online’s sprue database):

        • Thanks for that.

          • Willem-Jan Bertram

            ¬†My pleasure. Quick question if you have the time, how is the painting progressing on the Sorceror? Nearly ready to get painting on his support squad. No rush by the way, just figuring I’d go the extra mile to make them look as coherent as possible. Little details like lense colours and type of highlights can make a world of difference for the end result afterall. Thanks in advance!

          • I’m about 80% done. I forgot how difficult painting can be, I really don’t do enough of it.