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Black Crusade 2012: Sorcerer Part 2

As is customary for me, I’ve taken far too long over the sculpting process of this mini, and have only a few days left to finish painting it. Luckily I know how I intend to paint the model so there’s no decision work (or indecision work :) ) to get in the way.

So when I started this project I had this vague idea of making the  disc like the one the Herald of Tzeentch model but with lots of long elongated limbs coming out of it. After a couple of false starts I decided to ditch the organic looking disc and go for something with a “constructed” look. At first I tried using plasticard to create layered geometric shapes but I found I couldn’t cut precisely and sharply enough to get a good finish.

My next move was to use a large button (filed down the back to be flat) that was just the right size (35mm diameter) and sculpted a Tzeentchian like symbol on it. As I sculpted it it sort of developed of it’s own accord into a weird fish like icon. After I finished this icon it occurred to me that I could mirror it on the other side and make it like a bizzare Yin/Yang symbol. The casting of the original was pretty straightforward using Blu-Stuff.

Next step was to add a lot more detail to the rim. The spikes are from the trophy racks of Chaos Terminators.

The final touch is a number of Green Stuff tentacles added to the bottom of  the disc, just so it has some element of an organic look to it. Admittedly the bottom of the disc could be done better but it really won’t be seen, and with a deadline approaching I’ve left it simple.

The Sorcerer himself is pretty straightforward. The mutated arm is from a plastic Pink Horror model, with the upper arm bulked out a little to make it fit the model better. Finally the model in pinned to a Secret Weapon Miniatures bone field base. I went with a 25mm as that’s the legal base for this load out (power armour and disc).

I now have 2 days to paint this fella, but I think I can do that. The scheme I’m going for is a Black Legion Sorcerer who’s dedicated himself to Tzeentch, so black, gold trim, white head and pads with a strong blue for the arms and details.

I might angle the disc a bit more to one side, and I still have the temptation to magnetize the sorcerer to the disc so that I can provide him with a 40mm optional base, that way he can be fielded without the disc (in counts as Terminator Armour).


EDIT: I got a little mixed up with my dates for this Black Crusade project, but I’m still going to aim to get this finished ASAP.

July 8, 2012

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  • Kevin Suttell

    Wow that is ridiculously amazing!
    Anyone who ends up with that should definitely be happy.

  • Tabletop Fix

    Just awesome! Can’t wait to the him painted.

  • Jon Hermsen

    Technique question: How did you do the mechanical hosing on the bottomside of the disk?

    I love your tutorials! I found your site last week and am constantly finding myself digging through your work.

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      Using a tool called the Tube Tool. Here’s a link to the new transparent version.


      It’s expensive especially when you factor in shipping but very useful. I recommend a thin coat of vaseline on the plastic when using. You may be able to get one from another retailer at a better price but I’m not sure about that.

      • Jon Hermsen

        Okay, I thought it was something like that. I have a US brand (Green Stuff Industries’ Tentacle Maker), and thought it was something like that. The brand you’re using has more size options, which is what piqued my interest.

  • Willem-Jan Bertram

    Looking mighty fine, really like the vertical feel to the model. All those long and flowy lines do make him quite different from your everyday CSM. And, on a sidenote, it does make my job with the squad of regular Thousand Sons a lot more interesting. Good thing I have a lot of different heads and bits  ;-)

    Really looking forward to seeing how the colourscheme will work out, getting that blue to work in there seems like a nice challenge. Could be tricky to combine it with the reds of the helmet lenses and Eye of Horus symbols, than again the Eye might actually be the perfect place to get a nice blue, gem effect going.

  • Dimitris Kiourtsoglou

    Another great piece of work!