Black Crusade 2012: Sorcerer Part 3

I finished the paint job on this a few days ago but have been procrastinating over posting it. I have come to realise that with having painted much the last year or so that my painting skills seem to have diminished a bit. I found myself at a bit of a loss regarding the black and white areas of the model. I didn’t want to highlight the black too much or shade the white too much either. I’d probably rate it a 6 out of 10 as it is, and I think if I’d gone with a none black and white scheme I could have done more with it. There’s a lesson there I’m sure :)

I’m rather pleased with how the disc turned out and tried to give it a bit of an arcane techy look with the paint job.

The whole model is pinned together and happens to be well balanced so I don’t see it as likely to fall over in a game, it can even stand on a reasonable gradient without problems.

Did I need to make this a Truescale model?


But it’s what I do.

I think it looks better for it, and because he’s floating above other models the actual size difference isn’t really too obvious.

I just hope the finish piece helps with the raising of money for the Charity Project.