Sneak Peek: Small Scale Wings

Just wanted to share a quick sneak peek of a piece I’m working on for Anvil Industry. This is the two wings of a jet pack like device (as far as I know). What you see here will be split down the middle. The reverse side will be have identical details.

Because I needed to make them as thin and delicate as possible I decided to sculpt in relief form onto a thin piece of plasticard onto which I’d drawn the chosen design. I built up what you see here literally one feather at a time. Although time consuming doing it one at a time it does keep each feather from getting damaged by accident.

I’m pretty sure there will be more of these, done in different wing positions (don’t know that ‘poses’ is the right word in regards to wings). These will be cast in resin and their thinness should allow easy bending in hot water should a customer want to alter the overall shape. That’s the idea anyway.