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Video Tutorial: Green Stuff Casting

So I haven’t had much time for anything lately but I decided to put together a better video tutorial for casting Green Stuff using Liquid Blu-Stuff. The last few months the majority of questions I’ve gotten via email have been concerning precisely this, and as I needed to cast something for my own project I figured I’d get this done first.

Hope this makes my own method a little clearer to any of you with questions. I wouldn’t attempt making Green Stuff casts any larger than this. I’m going to try using this mold again with just plain Magic Sculp and see what results I get without the inclusion of Green Stuff in the mix.

September 16, 2012

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  • Do you ever use liquid casting 2 part resin, or have you used it and prefer the putty for casting?

    • I’ve never really liked using resin very much. I’m mostly put off by the toxic nature, but I also dislike cured resin as a modelling medium.

      As I tend to only do single or small numbers of casts putty is an easier option, and I have a lot more experience handling putty so it’s an easy go to.

      If you plan to do multiple casts of anything resin is the obvious choice, but I’m not the person to ask 🙂

      • Yea, I was just wondering, I really liked the video and was wondering how it compared to using green stuff and magic-sculpt. But thanks for the reply and I Love your work and cool vid, keep up the great stuff.

  • Yodhrin

    Excellent, really handy. Can I ask, do you use a particular brand of blades for your hobby knife? The ones I get from my local store never seem to be that sharp.

    • They’re basically surgical blades. I try to buy in bulk off of ebay most of the time to keep the price down.

      Most of the scalpel blades available on ebay are to fit the standard metal scalpel handle, and won’t fit the GW knife handle (something to consider if you do use that).

      Unlike most GW “tools” I think their hobby knife is actually worth the money. It’s pretty sturdy and a comfortable grip.

      • Yodhrin

        Aha, that’ll be the difference then, the ones I’ve been buying are just the regular Modelcraft branded xacto blades. Is it the “Swann Morton” surgical blades you get by chance?

        • “Swann Morton” sounds very familiar, I’ve used those in the past.

          Sorry, I couldn’t think of the name earlier but it is in fact x-acto blades that I use most. I’ve never had any issues with sharpness and they tend to have better points on them than most surgical blades.

          If you’re having trouble with sharpness, I’d suggest a different brand of x-acto blade first.

          The type of knife I try to advise against using is the snap-blade type, either too big and unwieldy or small and liable to snap when you least want them to.

  • Blitzcaliber

    I was wondering, since you use Green stuff when casting, Have you tried using liquid green stuff in the mold? If so how did it turn out?

    • I only tried out Liquid Green Stuff for the first time a few weeks back, and I can’t honestly say I’m that impressed with it. I’ve not tried casting with it, but highly doubt it would work out. I’ve got a feeling I read about someone else trying it last year and having it turn out badly.

      • Blitzcaliber

        Hmmm I can see how it turn out bad, its not a very consistent pour compared to say how easily the liquid blue in the video tutorial. Really impressed with the videos by the way, With the release of the new Horus Heresy stuff, My friend has been inspired to do a Horus conversion, with the inspiration coming from your awesome tutorials, which is funny cause it has inspired me to also do up a Mortarion using your Art Scale Guides. Look forward to your next project.

  • Andy

    Just wanted to say that your liquid blue stuff is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been using it to mold and cast some pieces and the detail of the casts is stunning. I also love how easy it is to use.

    Also in case anyone is interested a 50/50 mix of milliput and greenstuff also works just fine for casting if you can’t get magicsculpt.

    • Thanks for saying so. Even I have to admit I’m surprised by the quality of casts made in putty.

      I was pretty certain Mulliput would do the job (Magic Sculp smells the same) but I’ve not got around to testing it myself. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Safr

    Did you ever try using just Magic Sculpt? If so, how did that turn out?

    • Sorry for the late response, I thought I’d answered this. Yes, I do sometimes use plain Magic Sculp and it works fine, but I prefer to add some green stuff in the mix to make it a little more elastic. One advantage of just Magic Sculp is that that you can get very smooth transitions between plastic surface and putty, just using a little water.